Martial Arts Events

Projected Event Dates for 2021

20th February 
24th April
19th June
3rd July
2nd October
11th December

25th February
8th July
16th December

22nd to 24th February
26th to 29th April
5th to 9th July
4th to 7th October
13th to 15th December

See below for 2020 event summary.


The Grading process is a long-practiced system in martial arts schools, to show the growth of a student’s training and skill. As you progress you can enter TaeKwonDo, Self Defence Systems and/or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Grading Exams which will test your physical and mental strength, if you demonstrate the required skill for that belt you will move up to the next level or belt.

Freestyle TaeKwonDo – Gradings are formal events conducted at our Hamble location up to 6 times per year. Beginner & Intermediate Level Belts may be able Grade in class. Members must pre-register.

Self Defence Systems – Available up to twice per year and consist of a 2 to 3 hour assessment in class time. All members are to attend.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – members are assessed in classes and are awarded stripes on their belts to show progression. Belt Promotions will only take place with visiting Black Belt. All members are to attend.

Grading Dates in 2020

Freestyle TaeKwonDo
8th February – click here to see results
April/May Virtual Grading – (Online Grading for Colour Belts) Click here to see results
3rd October – (All Ranks) Click here to see results
8th November – (White to Purple) Click here to see results
12th December (All Ranks) Click here to see results

Self Defence Systems
No scheduled Gradings in 2020

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
10th February – click here to see promotions
From 14th to 22nd December


TaeKwonDo & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions available throughout the year all across the UK.

Along with several other martial arts schools, students can compete up to three times a year in our local TKD circuit.

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition Circuit has events on a weekly basis. However, members are encouraged to check with Instructors before entering.