Martial Arts Schools in Southampton, Eastleigh and Fareham

Phoenix School of Martial Arts hosts and takes part in martial arts events in Southampton, Eastleigh, Fareham and all over the South East throughout the year. From Inter-Club Sparring Competitions and Freestyle TaeKwonDo Championships, to Self Defence Systems Grading and TaeKwonDo School Grading events, there is no better way to test your skills and demonstrate your progression than taking part in tournaments and grading.


The Grading process is a long-practiced system in martial arts schools, to show the growth of a student’s training and skill. As you progress you can enter TaeKwonDo, Self Defence Systems and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Grading Exams which will test your physical and mental strength, if you demonstrate the required skill for that belt you will move up to the next level or belt.

Freestyle TaeKwonDo Gradings – TaeKwonDo Gradings are formal events conducted at our TaeKwonDo school in Hamble up to 5 times per year. Students from martial arts schools in the surrounding Southampton, Winchester, Fareham and wider Hampshire areas can register when they are ready to move up to their next belt.

Self Defence Systems Grading – These Gradings are available up to 3 times per year at our martial arts schools. If you attend a Phoenix SMA Martial Arts School anywhere in Hampshire, including Southampton, Winchester or Fareham, you can be assessed by your instructor and promoted to the next rank after demonstrating the required skills.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Grading – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu members are assessed in classes and are awarded stripes on their belts to show progression. Once 4 stripes are earned, they can be Graded to the next belt. (Belt Promotions are overseen by BJJ Black Belt Kevin Hall of Basingstoke School of Martial Arts)

Grading Dates in 2019

All Gradings are hosted at the Hamble Sports Complex on the following dates:

  • Freestyle TaeKwonDo
  • Saturday 13th July 2019 – click here to download the grading results
  • Saturday 28th September 2019
  • Saturday 7th December 2019
  • Projected date for 2020 – 8th Feb, 25th Apr, 11th Jul, 26th Sep, 12th Dec

Self Defence Systems

  • Thursday 1st August 2019
  • Thursday 12th December 2019
  • Projected date for 2020 – 4th Jun, 17th Dec

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • BJJ Gradings are scheduled when they are needed.


Phoenix SMA runs TaeKwonDo tournaments and competitions for members throughout the year across Southampton, Eastleigh, Fareham and all over the South East. Along with several other martial arts schools, students can compete up to three times a year in our local circuit as well as enter open TaeKwonDo and Martial Arts Events.

Our established self-defence martial arts and TaeKwonDo school also organise Inter-Club Sparring competitions for Phoenix SMA members, which are split into age groups for Juniors, Youth, Teenagers and Adults.

The following tournaments are currently scheduled for 2019:

FREESTYLE TKD CHAMPIONSHIPSSaturday 29th June at the Hamble Sports Complex
READING TKD TOURNAMENTSaturday 9th November at the FBC Centre, Reading

Other Events will be made available throughout the year.