Martial Arts Events

24th February at Locks Heath, Colour Belts Only
20th April at Hamble Sports Complex, All Ranks. Click here to register
20th July at Hamble Sports Complex, All Ranks
29th September at Locks Heath, Colour Belts Only
7th December at Hamble Sports Complex, All Ranks

Saturday 16th March – Spring TKD Tournament, Queen Mary’s College, Basingstoke.
Saturday 6th July – Summer TKD Tournament, Hamble Sports Complex, Southampton
Saturday 26th October – Autumn TKD Tournament, Locks Heath, Southampton
Sunday 1st December – ITC Southern Open, Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, Weston-Super-Mare. For more details click here

All listed seminars are run at Lockswood Community Centre from 12pm to 2pm. It is either £7 for one hour or £10 for two hours, payable on the day.
Saturday 2nd March – Forms Seminar I
Saturday 13th April – Sparring Seminar
Saturday 18th May – Self Defence Seminar
Saturday 22nd June – Board Breaking Seminar
(There will be mini seminars planned throughout the summer)
Saturday 7th September – Forms Seminar II
Saturday 21st December – Kicking Seminar

18th to 22nd March
10th to 14th June
9th to 13th September
9th to 13th December

Sunday 24th March – All Stars Europeans, London.
Tuesday 23rd April – Junior Interclub, Hamble Sports Complex. Register here
Sunday 28th April – Pro Sport Grappling, Reading Open. Register here
Saturday 11th May – Solent Open, Southampton. Register here
Saturday 8th June – Bournemouth Open. Register here
Sunday 8th September – All Stars Capital Pro, Hemmel Hampstead. Register here
Saturday 5th October – Neon Open, Southampton. Register here
Tuesday 29th October – Adult Interclub, Hamble Sports Complex
Sunday 10th November – All Stars Southern Pro, Fleet. Register here

There are seminars planned throughout the year with visiting Black Belts from Paraestra and other associations:
Tuesday 9th April – Yuki Nakai Sensei Seminar, Hamble Sports Complex.

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