Freestyle TKD Sparring Tournament 2024

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9:45 am

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Lockswood Community & Sports Association

Welcome to our first Sparring Tournament and is open to all ages. It will run at the Lockswood Community Centre on Saturday 26th October. Unlike other tournaments, this will be an all day event if you wish compete in both styles. There will be two styles:
Point Stop (all ages)
Continuous (ages 7+)

Point Stop will be run using a round robin format, meaning you will get a match with each person in your division.
Continuous will use a Double Elimination Format (Repercharge), meaning once you lose two matches, you are eliminated (unless it is the final for 1st & 2nd Place).

Each division will be between 4 and 8 competitors. Divisions will be spilt using the following age categories:
Pee Wee (ages 5 to 7, point stop only)
Junior I (ages 7 to 9)
Junior II (ages 9 to 11)
Junior III (ages 11 to 13)
Teen I (ages 13 to 15)
Teen II (ages 15 to 17)
Teen III (ages 17 to 19)
Adult I (ages 18 to 25)
Adult II (ages 25 to 35)
Adult III (ages 35 and over)

Each Age Category may then be separated into abilities:
Beginner (9th to 5th GUP)
Intermediate (4th to 1st GUP)
Advanced (Black Belt).
If divisions cannot be made up, Age Categories and/or Abilities may be merged.

The guidelines for the days schedule is as follows:
Mat 1 – Pee Wee & Juniors, Point Stop
Mat 2 – Teens & Adults, Continuous
Mat 1 – Teens & Adults, Point Stop
Mat 2 –  Juniors, Continuous

If the afternoon matches finish in time, there will be a Team Event organised with the remaining competitors.

Point Stop Only – £12.50
Continuous Only – £12.50
Point Stop & Continuous – £20
Registration closes at 11:00pm 0n Wednesday 23rd October.

You must enter accurate measurements when registering so fair divisions can be pre arranged. If measurements appear to be inaccurate, you may be disqualified as divisions are unlikely to be changed on the day.

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Total Seats: 150 (150 Left:)

Instructor: Phoenix SMA

  • Lockswood Community & Sports Association
  • 2 Centre Way
  • Southampton
  • SO31 6DX

Event Schedule Details

  • 26/10/2024 9:45 am   -   4:30 pm
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