Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (also known as BJJ) is a sophisticated grappling system that includes throws, takedowns and submissions. It can be practised recreationally or competitively and is a powerful system of self-defence.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu promotes the principle that a smaller weaker person can successfully defend themselves against more aggressive opponents.

People can start training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at any age and regular practice will encourage a high level of fitness, improved balance, confidence and coordination.

How BJJ started at Phoenix SMA

Although Phoenix SMA started offering a weekly class to its adult Freestyle TaeKwonDo members in mid 2017, it wasn’t until 2018 that it opened up to new members. This also extended to a weekly children’s class towards the end of that year. Today our classes continue to increase in popularity and are now available up to five times a week, for children, adults and mixed aged/family classes.

Our club is a member of Team Paraestra. Mr Marshall’s immediate Instructor is Head Coach and owner of Basingstoke BJJ, Kevin Hall. The UK Branch of Paraestra is headed by Jeff “Ippon” Lawson, who is well known within the BJJ & MMA community. The UK Team is part of Japan based Paraestra Martial Arts Communication founded by legendary Yuki Nakai Sensei, who like Jeff has a similar background in BJJ & MMA.

Phoenix SMA’s BJJ team are also known as Paraestra BJJ Southampton.


At Paraestra Southampton, we offer classes from ages 5 and above. There are separated into 3 age groups: Juniors, Teens and Adults. Some classes include either 1, 2, all age groups.

Ladies Only Classes

After starting with a 6 week introduction course at the end of 2023, our Ladies Only class has been a great success. Taught by Miss Abi King on Wednesday evenings, we have seen the ladies develop and progress significantly in this class.


Like many martial arts, BJJ has its own belt system. As with all other styles at Phoenix SMA, there is a Junior and an Adult Ranking System (see attachment below).

For each colour belt, there 4 stripes that are earned. These are awarded during our Grading weeks.

Paraestra BJJ Southampton holds Grading Assessment weeks every 3 months for children and at least every 6 months for adults. Most that train twice per week can find themselves receiving a stripe at each Grading interval.

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