With so much on offer at Phoenix School of Martial Arts, we try to keep pricing a simply as possible.


Your initial enrolment covers;
One month of Unlimited classes (terms & conditions apply)
A Uniform (if wishing to enrol in both TKD & BJJ, additional uniform must be purchased at £30)
One year’s Licence & Membership (renewed annually)

There are 2 options when enrolling:

TKD or Kids BJJ – £90Adult BJJ – £110

New members now enrol using our online sign up form by clicking one of the options below:
TKD or Kids BJJ
Adult BJJ

After the Enrolment period, Class Subscription Fees are due each month.

Class Subscriptions

To continue training after the enrolment period, Class Subscription Fees are due on the 1st or 15th of each month, no less than 4 weeks after your enrolment date. Subscriptions give access to a certain number of classes each week.
NOTE: you are not subscribing to a specific day to attend.

Classes per week per personCost per month
STARTER – up to 2 classes a week£45
STANDARD – up to 4 classes per week£55
PREMIUM – up to 6 classes a week£65
UNLIMITED ACCESS – Attend all classes £70
You can add an additional class each week by increasing your monthly subscription by £5. For example, you can do 3 classes per week at £50 per month, or 5 classes a week for £60 per month.
Prices accurate as of March 2022

Other Class Subscription Options
Phoenix SMA does offer a PAYG option at £10 per class.
CMAA/Paraestra Members can “drop in” for £5/class. If attending once a week or more, a licence must be purchased.

Bulk Subscriptions
There are also options to pay for 3, 6 or 12 months up front. Choosing to pay quarterly, bi-quarterly or annually will carry more discount (the more you buy, the more you save).

Family Discounts

Families of 2 or more that enrol, will receive a 20% discount.

We also have a Family Monthly Subscription, allowing access to all classes 7 days a week. This is capped at £150 per month available two or more family members

The Family Discount also applies to Enrolment Fees when enrolling in the same month.

Please speak to your Club Leader more details

Although the Freestyle TKD Programme is run within ASC’s, they operate separately and only during term time. The Enrolment is the same, however the month of classes is substituted for a half term of classes. There is then the option of paying per half term (£40) or full term (£70).


Terms & Conditions
1. Class lengths vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours. For some classes there can be the option to attend part of, or all the class length. If choosing to attend only part of that class, the remaining time that was not attended will not be carried over or credited.
2. Members must subscribe to each style they wish to attend. This can be down when enrolling or adding other styles on after the enrolment period (NOTE members must purchase the relevant uniform/s and having the relevant subscription fee).
3. Each style is classed as a single class, so if attending 2 or more different styles on the same day, your subscription must be applicable to this, i.e., attending TKD & BJJ on one day per week is 2 classes per week just as doing 2 TKD classes per week.

4. Class Subscription Fees will not be changed by Phoenix SMA without notice. If a member wishes to increase or decrease their subscription fees, they only do so on the most current structure.
5. Phoenix SMA operates a strict no refund policy.
6. If members do not use all available classes in their subscription i.e., due to holidays, they may use them within a 2 month period or they will be lost.
7. Late payments will incur a £10 late charge for each month of arrears
(Please Note: Late licence renewals will be back dated. During any inactive period, students will not be covered by member-to-member insurance).
8. If Subscription Fees are overdue by more than 3 months, your subscription will be cancelled, and you will be reactivated on the most current rate once all arrears and charges are paid.
DISCOUNTS – 1) Family Discounts are only applied to Enrolment Fees when family members enrol in the same month. 2). Family Subscription only applies if two (2) or more family members subscriptions total £150 or more. Quarterly, Bi-Quarterly and Annual Subscriptions are available upon request and must be paid on the first (1st) of each month.