Autumn Freestyle TaeKwonDo Colour Belt Grading – September 2023

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Event Time:

9:00 am

Event Location:

Lockswood Community Centre

The Autumn Freestyle TaeKwonDo Grading is open to all ages from White to Red Belt. All members must register to be able to Grade. Registration closes on Friday 29th September at 9:00pm. If you miss this deadline, a £10 per person admin fee will be added to the total cost*.

White to Red Belts will Grade on Saturday 30th September at the Lockswood Community Centre. White to Blue Belts may request to Grade on a different date up to 5 days before or after the main Grading date. This must be confirmed before registering. Purple to Red Belt can only Grade at the main event.

9:00am to 10:00am – White, Grey & Yellow Belts
10:00am to 11:00am – Orange to Black Belt Pre Grading class
11:30am to 2:30pm (approx.) – Orange to Red Belts
An active and in date licence for September 2023 or later must be held by all. If you are unsure, please contact Mr Marshall.

PLEASE NOTE: White Events Uniform is REQUIRED to Grade at a Regional Grading Event.

Lil’ Dragon – £20
White, Grey or Yellow Belt – £25
Orange to Red Belt Level – £25
Orange to Red Belt GUP/Double Level – £40
Re-Grade – £10

Other than age, members must have spent the minimum time in rank. Class attendance will also be taken into consideration. It is recommended that a minimum of 2 classes a week have been attended since the candidate’s last Grading, however lower ranks and Level Grades may qualify if just doing once a week. Please confirm with your Instructor if they believe you are ready and able to Grade.

All members will be Graded on their Forms, Technique Drills, Self Defence Techniques and Sparring*. Green Belts and above will also do Board Breaking. *White & Grey Belts will do One Steps and Yellow Belts will do 5×5 Drills unless they have Sparring Kit.

Those who successfully achieve a new rank will be presented with their awards in classes from 6th October 2023.

*Admin Fee will not exceed £20.

There are multiple types of tickets available when register so please make sure you have purchased the correct type:
Lil’ Dragon Grade (£20) – this is for members under the age of 5 or that have a White Belt with a coloured stripe.
White, Grey or Yellow Belt Grade (£25) – this is for members that are either Grading for the first time aged 5 and over or if they have a Grey or Yellow Belt.
Level Grade (£25) – for ages 5 to 9 that currently holds between an Orange and Red Belt.
GUP Grade/Double Level Grade* (£40) – GUP Grades for ages 10 and over that currently holds between an Orange and Red Belt. Double Level is for Orange to Red Belts under the age of 10 who have permission to grade through both levels. 
Re-Grade (£10) – if members did not pass at a previous event, they must re-register using this option. *you can not double level grade when registering for a level grade grade, it must be a double level option. You must also have a Master Instructors permission to do so

There are now purchasable tickets that can be selected for families/households when 2 or more are Grading at the same time. These already include a discount but members/parents must complete the Additional Family Members Details in the boxes provided. There is also capped prices for families/households:
FAMILY COLOUR BELT GRADING TICKET – If the total cost for families/households exceeds £105 for everyone to Grade, a “Family Colour Belt Grading Ticket” may be purchased. When doing so, you must add the other family member details (name, age, rank, level etc) in the “Additional Family Members Details” box to avoid a £5 per person admin fee. Please contact Mr Marshall if you have any questions.

If you are a Level Grade, you must select a Level Grade ticket. If you are an Orange Belt to Red Belt that is a GUP Grade, you must select a GUP Grade ticket. If you purchase the incorrect ticket for your Grade, you will be contacted and an addition £5 admin fee will be added to the price difference. If this is not completed before 29th September, your Grading Registration will be void with no refund.

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event Location:

Total Seats: 255 (221 Left:)

Instructor: Phoenix SMA

  • Lockswood Community Centre
  • 2 Centre Way
  • Southampton
  • Hampshire
  • SO31 6DX
  • United Kingdom

Event Schedule Details

  • 30/09/2023 9:00 am   -   2:30 pm
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