Phoenix SMA encourages the practice of TaeKwonDo for both physical and mental well-being and welcome students of all abilities and ages to try our classes in Hampshire. Based in Southampton, we run TaeKwonDo classes from our martial arts schools in Southampton, Eastleigh, Fareham and the surrounding areas, which are taught by experienced and certified instructors. Whether it’s your first time trying a TaeKwonDo school or you’re a returning practitioner, we cater to everyone.

What is TaeKwonDo?

TaeKwonDo translates to ‘the way of the foot and fist’ and was first developed in the 1950s, being officially recognised in the UK as recently as 1967. Practiced by millions all over the world, modern TaeKwonDo is a fantastic way for children and adults all over Southampton, Eastleigh, Fareham and the wider Hampshire areas, to learn self-defence, self-discipline and keep fit in a fun and engaging way.

When training at an established TaeKwonDo school such as Phoenix SMA, students see many benefits of this active and disciplined sport. One of the main reasons TaeKwonDo has become such a popular form of martial arts, is because it creates numerous positive effects when practiced including:

  • Encouraging Discipline
  • Boosting Confidence
  • Body Conditioning
  • Improving Stamina and Fitness
  • Learning Self-Defence
  • Improving Flexibility

Freestyle TaeKwonDo for All Ages

TaeKwonDo can also be picked up by anyone regardless of gender, age and fitness ability, demonstrated by our classes of mixed abilities and ages in Southampton, Eastleigh, Fareham and Hampshire. Our instructors teach children from the age of 4 and argue that TaeKwonDo is one of the best methods for boosting confidence and instilling the importance of discipline and respect in children. Adults practicing TaeKwonDo find it a fantastic way to relieve stress, stay in shape and learn self-defence in a positive environment.

Phoenix SMA offer single memberships and family memberships to our TaeKwonDo school, encouraging adults and children of all ages to try freestyle TaeKwonDo. Our freestyle TaeKwonDo curriculum gives students a progressive and structured training programme that focuses on four main training areas:

  • Forms
  • Sparring
  • Basic Self Defence
  • Board Breaking

We run classes at our martial arts schools and after school clubs throughout Southampton, Eastleigh, Fareham and the wider Hampshire areas, where new students are warmly welcomed by our instructors and current members.

TaeKwonDo Grading

Our TaeKwonDo school holds formal gradings up to six times a year, giving students plenty of opportunities to progress and allows them to develop at their own pace. A coloured grading system signifies different ranks, with 10 coloured belts and 9 degrees of black belt to strive for. Older children and adults progress through this regular TaeKwonDo ranking system, where an average student can achieve 1st Degree Black Belt in around four to five years.

Phoenix SMA also have a Junior Ranking System at our martial arts schools in Southampton, Eastleigh, Fareham and the wider Hampshire areas. Known as Level Grades, this grading system breaks the colour belt grading syllabus into smaller sections, allowing younger children to progress in TaeKwonDo school regularly and at a more progressive pace.