Created in 2015 by Master Marshall, our Self Defence Systems programme teaches students a variety of martial arts techniques, with a focus on self defence moves and modern teaching methods.

Our SDS classes run twice a week for ages 10 and above.

The Phoenix SMA Self Defence Systems programme incorporates different martial arts moves such as:

Kicking and Striking – using TaeKwonDo kicking and striking techniques, you will be taught different punching, kicking, knee and elbow strikes

Blocking Techniques – counter strikes and defensive postures.

Throws/takedowns – often used for off-balancing your opponent

Sweeps – leg sweeps are an effective take-down method for off-balancing your subject and gaining a position of power

Positional Escapes – such as bridge and roll moves.

Joint Manipulation – using locks and chokes to immobilise areas of the body.

Self Defence Systems Grading

Self Defence Systems has 4 levels, signified by a White, Yellow, Orange and Red Belt. Each belt requires a minimum of 1 year of training. Members then progress through 8 Black Belt Grades.

Similar to our Freestyle TaeKwonDo programme, the SDS has a ranking system for the younger members (ages 10 to 15).