Created in 2015 by Master Marshall, our Self Defence Systems programme teaches students a variety of martial arts techniques. The idea behind our self defence systems programme is to teach students a wide range of martial arts techniques, with a focus on self defence moves and modern teaching methods. By incorporating different styles of martial arts, the programme gives students a range of effective tools and techniques that can be tailored to the individual. Our self defence systems classes are held at Hamble Sports Complex .

The Phoenix SMA Self Defence Systems programme incorporates different martial arts moves such as:

Kicking and Striking – using TaeKwonDo kicking and striking techniques, you will be taught different punching, kicking, knee and elbow strikes

Blocking Techniques – at the core of all martial arts are blocking techniques, counter strikes and defensive postures such as guards, which are an essential part of self defence

Throws and Takedowns – throws and takedowns are often used in martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and are excellent for off-balancing your opponent

Sweeps – leg sweeps are an effective take-down method for off-balancing your subject and gaining a position of power

Positional Escapes – ground positional escapes such as bridge and roll moves

Joint Locks and Chokes – joint manipulation, locks and chokes are a self defence move used to immobilise areas of the body and control your subject without using too much energy

Self Defence Systems Grading

Self defence systems grading is set out in 4 levels, signified by a White, Yellow, Orange and Red Belt. Each student will spend an average minimum time of 1 year at each level before achieving Black Belt, once 1st Dan is achieved, National Time Served applies to each Dan Grade. Unlike our TaeKwonDo programme, self defence systems grading is assessed during classes rather than at a formal grading event.