With the increasing popularity in both the striking and grappling styles of martial arts, many begin to see that to build a more rounded skillset, you must have knowledge in both types. However, training them separately is not enough as the connection and transition between the ground and standing up must also be learned.

Combining his knowledge gained in TKD and BJJ (along with other martial arts influences), Mr Marshall created a new syllabus that he calls “Self Defence Systems” (SDS). This programme teaches students a variety of martial arts techniques, with a focus on self defence moves and modern teaching methods. Like with most martial arts, there is a belt ranking system (see attachment below), however the process of how students progress at a formal event is not used. Instead, students progression is measured whilst training use a Progressive Grading System. This means that all syllabus areas must be covered and done correctly to promote to the next rank.

Our SDS classes run several times throughout the week and are open to ages 9 and over. However those under the age of 16 will have restrictions on what they may learn which also entails having a different belt ranking system to older members.

Self Defence Systems
Belt Ranking System

Self Defence Systems has 4 levels, signified by a White, Yellow, Orange and Red Belt. Each belt requires a minimum of 1 year of training. Members then progress through 8 Black Belt Grades.

Similar to our Freestyle TaeKwonDo programme, the SDS has a ranking system for the younger members (ages 9 to 15).