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Virtual Grading


White to Red Belt members that were due to Grade in April, can now do so using our Virtual Grading System. Members can video themselves demonstrating the requirements needed for a rank promotion and send them to Phoenix SMA for assessment. Below is a summary of what will be needed:

All Candidates must also demonstrate their current Form and Self Defence Techniques. White & Yellow Belts will still demonstrate their One Steps. Rather than spar, Orange to Red Belts will have set Floor and Target Drills to demonstrate (if you don’t have a target at home, you can use something similar as a substitute). Brown & Red Belts Board Breaking requirements is also being deferred for . In its place, students will need to demonstrate kicking and striking techniques for review:
Brown: 2 Kicking & Striking Techniques
Sr. Brown: 3 Kicking & Striking Techniques
Red: 4 Kicking & Striking Techniques

As technical execution is key to successfully breaking boards, this will give Instructors a good idea of whether students could break their boards.

If the above is demonstrated to a satisfactory standard, a PDF certificate will be emailed confirming the completion of these requirements, but a rank will not be fully issued as sparring has not been completed. Sparring will be done in a set class once things return to normal. Once this is successfully completed, then a certificate and belt will be issued and backdated to the competition of the online requirements. (NOTE: White & Yellow Belts will be able to fully Grading online, so a complete promotion will be earned).

Regardless of members rank (and to save confusion), there will be a set Online Grading Fee of £15 per person. Registration is now and videos must be sent either by email ( or via WhatsApp (07877754578) before 17th May. They will then be reviewed, and results emailed directly to the member.

Please note class subscription fees must still be kept up to date and virtual classes must be attended in the meantime to qualify for an Online Grading.

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
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Instructor: Matt Marshall

  • Virtual Grading

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  • 18/05/2020 8:00 am   -   9:00 pm
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