Martial Arts in Eastleigh I Top 6 Benefits of Martial Arts

1. Self Defence

Most martial arts practiced today originate from the need for self defence rather than attack or aggression and this should be the primary focus of a TaeKwonDo School. Learning skills such as kicks and blocks may help you to escape serious injury or harm in a serious situation and practicing forms is a great way to instil a subconscious self defence response into the body. Many people attend martial arts schools in Eastleigh and throughout the world to learn these powerful self defence techniques.

2. Improved Confidence

Training in self defence martial arts skills such as TaeKwonDo strengthens the body and the mind, boosting confidence and helping us to feel better in ourselves. When attending martial arts schools, such as Phoenix SMA in Eastleigh, you also become involved in a very supportive community, where positive encouragement is often used. Setting your mind to achieveing certain grades and reaching them, with the guidance of expert instructors and fellow members, all helps to improved self-confidence.

3. Body Conditioning

Many students join our TaeKwonDo School in Eastleigh and other martial arts schools in Hampshire for health and fitness reasons. Martial arts and self defence programmes are some of the most effective ways to completely condition the body, where training often involves using every muscle. Going to weekly Self Defence Systems or TaeKwonDo sessions is known to improve strength, muscle tone, reflexes, stamina, balance and burn calories.

4. Mindfulness

Self-control is one of the five tenants of Taekwondo and means to have control over your thoughts and actions, just as mindfulness teaches us to be aware our thoughts and emotions. At TaeKwonDo school, you are taught to focus on the way your body moves and are encouraged to observe your body and mental state to gain a deeper control of your martial arts practice. Students attending our self defence systems programmes and freestyle TaeKwonDo classes in Eastleigh often comment on their improved mental state after a training session.

5. Self-Discipline

A benefit for children and adults of all ages, martial arts can greatly improve your self-discipline. Whether it means better results in exams or an increased focus in managing tasks at work, the repeated practices taught at our TaeKwonDo School and martial arts schools in Eastleigh, help students to develop better concentration skills and overcome physical and mental challenges. Self-discipline is all about learning to control the mind and focus on the task at hand, an essential element in martial arts.

6. Reducing Stress

Martial arts practice can be an extremely powerful stress-relief and a great way to escape from any daily troubles. It is no secret that exercise releases endorphins that bring feelings of happiness and well-being, reducing stress levels and improving your mood. Combining this with the calming focus and disciplined mind you achieve by attending Taekwondo School and other martial arts schools, Eastleigh students can significantly reduce stress levels through various martial arts practices.